Sognefiord - Sogne Autumn and Winter

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Sognefjorden has thè best off-piste areas, good ski lifts and unique Fjord experience ali year. The road to Jostedaien and Jotunheimen is short, where you (ind tours and guides that are highly valued. Guided tours and courses The Sognefjord invites you to amazing free skiing nature, as from thè mountain top to thè fjord. You will find experienced guìdcs that take you to thè best snow, and offer guiding and courses for ali levcls. Snowshoe-louri, iceclimbing courses, avalanche courses and tours to thè magical caves under thè Nigardsglacier are some of thè things you can do! The Fjellsporttesiivai which translates to Mountainsportfestival, is loctaed in Sogndal and has become thè winter highlight during winter for locals and guests of thè fjord. The Winterfjord Cruises in thè UNESCO world heritage Naeroyfjord during thè Autumn and Winter, gives experiences with fjordlight and thè brilliant area with steep mountains, wild waterfalls and thè vivid cultural landscape. Flàmsrailway h crowned as one of thè worlds most beautiful railwaydistances and is open ali year round. In addition there are many other activites that are open al! year, i per example thè viewpoint of Stegastein. Activities The Sognefjord is thè center for adventurous experiences where you ave dose to nature, in a cayak or a RIB-tour during Autumn, and in winter with thè ssvoW covered mountains. Explore thè fjord with a bike during Autmn, or try thè biketrails dose to thè fjord. Percieve thè colours of thè Autumn in thè fantasie tour areas in Jotunheimen Nationalpark with thè Hurrungane and Àrdal, Stolsheimen, Aurlandsvalley, Rallarway, Molden and many more.

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